Autumn Chalkboard Quote Wreath

Well guys, I’m back! Sorry the delay and quiet on my blog and social media lately. Not to give you excuses, but I have a very good reason– I was running a two-day event for 450 guests with over 100 staff and volunteers! What a whirlwind. A post will come on that later once I have gotten over the initial shock and stress. But for now, something UN-stressful… adorable Fall wreaths with even more adorable chalkboard quotes in the middle. Now THAT’S something I have the energy to get behind right now, and this is the type of craft that actually brings me relaxation. So let’s do this!

The two fantastic things about this craft are that 1) it is actually quite easy, it just takes a little bit of time, and 2) it costed me only $5, however if you were to start from scratch it would be less than $8. Not too shabby! Additionally, you will have extra flowers and autumn leaves leftover for additional projects or wreaths if you like. So your personal door craft can ALSO become a present.

Now I know you may want to skip straight to Christmas as much as I do, but here’s my thoughts on it: listen to as many Christmas songs as you like and watch as many Hallmark movies as your heart desires, but when it comes to your décor, you should show Turkey Day some love! Especially that your neighbors can enjoy.

It’s almost so easy that you won’t need a tutorial. I will still provide one for you of course, but just know that you can easily accomplish beautiful results on this project on your own. I promise, it’s so easy!

You will need from the dollar store (OR Amazon if you don’t feel like leaving your house)

  • Twig wreath (preferably empty, although you could buy one with some details on it and then remove them) ($1 Dollar Store, $7 Amazon)
  • At least 3 orange, yellow or red fake flower bouquets ($3 Dollar Store, $12 Amazon)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (also at the dollar store or 99 cent store if you need! If so, $2 store, $6 Amazon)
  • Black poster board ($1 Dollar store, $3 Amazon)
  • White puff paint ($2 Walmart, $2 for a smaller size on Amazon)

Please note that if you find a wreath that you love, you don’t have to buy the plain twig wreath OR the flowers. This also means that you can do any kind of wreath, even Christmas, with the same method. It’s almost too easy.

STEP 1: Prepare your fake flowers

From the fake flower bouquets, choose your favorite yellow, orange and red flowers, as well as any other types of flower accents that you may have purchased such as fall leaves or berry branches. Choose your favorite pieces and make sure that they are rather short, no more than 5 inches if it is a type of branch.

STEP 2: Hot glue the flowers all the way around the wreath

This part is impossible to mess up, as long as you choose an even mixture of the different colors, and you mix them up amongst each other. In other words, put the yellow flowers next to the orange, orange next to the red, etc. Also, make sure that the flowers are touching each other so that the whole wreath underneath is covered. However, since it is made of twigs, if some of it shows from the side or bottom, it is no problem at all. If you were to use a foam wreath, this would not be the case and you will want to make sure that you completely cover it with the flowers.

STEP 3: Cut a hole in the black poster board the size of the wreath.

Using the width of the wreath (mine was 10 inches), cut a circle out of the black poster board. Now you have the middle/back of the wreath ready.

STEP 4: Trace and write the quote in the middle of the circle

Lay the wreath over the paper circle and mark lightly with a pencil the width of the inner circle to keep it clear so that the writing will all show when you finally assemble it at the end.

Choose the quote that you want to write on the inside of the circle from a picture you find online. I found this Bible Verse on Pinterest and though it was perfect: “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart,” 1 Thessalonians 5:18. You can choose whichever words you like as long as they have some kind of Thanksgiving feel, meaning sayings including words like “Thanks,” “Thankful,” “Blessings,” “Harvest,” etc. Here are a few beautiful examples!
Source: Salted Words Company

Source: Wally’s Wood Crafts

Source: JillofAllTradesCo


Print the font of the saying that you love most. Once it is printed on regular printer paper at the correct size for the inner circle of your wreath, place it over the black poster paper and trace around the edges of each letter of your saying. Lift the tracing paper up, and you should have a pretty good outline of the words. This is especially easy to see with the black posters from the Dollar Store.

Next, use your white puff paint to draw over the lines you traced with the pencil. The trick with a puff paint pen is to make sure that you shake it often to make sure that no bubbles will appear at the end of the tube and spray the paint where you don’t want it to go. Also, make sure that you are using a consistent medium pressure to squeeze the bottle of paint and make it a pretty thick line, which always looks much more smooth and creates straight lines. This is the hardest step and may take a little practice if you are not a painter at heart. However, in my book, puff paint is 10 times easier than a paint brush. If you mess up in a minor way, simply draw over the mistakes outside the line with a black sharpie marker. If you mess up in a big way, just turn it over or cut a new circle and start again.

STEP 5:  Glue a ribbon loop to hang on

Because my wreath had one little twig raised away from the rest of the circle, I essentially had a built-in loop to hang it with. However, if your wreath does not have a twig or loop like that, you can easily just find a cute piece of ribbon (or plain string, just make it short so that you can’t see it behind the flowers), fold it over itself and glue the two sides of the ribbon to each other, then hot glue the ribbon to the back top of the wreath.

STEP 6: Attach the circle to the back of the wreath

This step is probably the most simple. Once the words are the way that you want them and completely dried, you need to either tape or hot glue the paper to the back of the wreath. Just decide how permanent you want this particular saying to be on this wreath and you will know the method of adhesive you should use. In my particular case, I would like to be able to change the saying on the back pretty easily so that I can make it say something more generally Fall or Halloween throughout the Fall months. For instance, next September I could create a circle that says “Happy Fall, Ya’ll,” and then I could easily replace it with a the October circle that says “Trick or Treat,” etc.

To glue the circle, simply draw a circle around the edge of the black circle with the hot glue gun and stick it to the back of the wreath evenly. If you are taping, place pieces of tape starting at the back of the black circle and stretching over the twigs of the wreath. Do this many times so that it will remain secure, even in wet weather. If it does begin to fall off of the back of the wreath, switch to the glue method. You still should be able to get it off pretty easily either way you choose.

STEP 7: Hang the wreath

Lastly, install a hook on the outside of your door for the wreath. Because I am in an RV, I know that a Command hook (removable) will be perfect to stick to the window on my door, which will also be a great height for your eye line when you are walking up to my stairs. Hang it on the secured hook, step back and admire your work!

This is a fantastic touch to your door décor in honor of Thanksgiving, the holiday that we shouldn’t skip altogether, no matter how much we want to. I love the meaning it has behind it, and I love walking up to my door each day and noticing this bright piece of holiday sunshine on my door, no matter how dreary the weather is. It lifts my spirits and is ALSO an important reminder to us to have gratefulness in our hearts for the things we have been blessed with.

But I must admit, I can’t wait to make a new chalkboard wreath for Christmas using a shiny tinsel wreath! Your turn: Have you ever made a similar wreath? Are you going to try this tutorial? Let me know in the comments!