RV Life With a Cat

So, if you read my recent blog post about Why We Decided to go Tiny, then you know that my husband Chris and I just moved into an RV to live full time. You know, a tiny home on wheels. I’m not going to lie to you, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows so far. That was what we were expecting to an extent, but we had a completely different reality. More on that later though. Despite the numerous challenges of RV life we have encountered, the one ray of sunshine that I can hang my hat on is how well my cat Primrose is adapting to it. If we are considering just her happiness, this is the best move we ever made. Here’s why it’s such a perfect lifestyle, and likely most cats in general:

kitty laying kitchen


  • Reason #1:  Prim has only been on this planet for about one year so far. In fact, we just threw an adorable birthday party for her. ๐Ÿ˜Š (my furbaby deserves the best! More on that later.) In that year of life, she spent 75% of it living in a 650 ft apartment with almost no windows. How sad right? She didn’t really want to actually go outside, but she absolutely adores looking out of windows. I mean, what cat doesn’t? They get to watch the trees move, dogs doing their thing, and the birds- so much bird watching. She has yet to ever have the chance to kill a bird, but I’m thinking she would pounce on the chance if she was given it. (See what I did there?) Guess what she is SURROUNDED by in an RV? You got it- windows. Of all shapes and sizes. And that’s pretty much what she does with 99% of her time now- gaze out of the dashboard windshield or out of the window above our bed. She can’t get enough of gazing at our neighbors.

rv window kitty

  • Reason #2: She has a few hideout spots that she feels safer with. The dashboard I mentioned is her safe haven, because it is a few feet wide so she can fit on every inch of it easily, and she can hide behind the curtains away from us AND simultaneously behind the radiant reflecting material we have against the windshield to block some sun out to hide from the neighbors if she wants to. Total privacy. She also eats her breakfast and dinner underneath our dining room table, which has a tablecloth at the moment that is so long she is pretty much invisible under there. She even has hiding places we can’t find. Yes, you read that right. Last weekend we realized we hadn’t seen her in awhile, so we started calling her name and searched in every nook and cranny. We COULD NOT find her. It was pretty much a quick escalation to full-on panic mode after that. We thought for sure she must have escaped. We had to have left the door open one second too many or something, right? We searched the whole neighborhood, we had neighbors looking around for us too, and then apparently while my mom was in there looking for her and Chris and I were looking outside, my mom heard a thud and the tinkle of the bell on her collar. She turned around and there Prim was, stretching out after her nice long nap. I will never know where she was hiding in this RV until the day I die. It may not have been one ounce of fun for us, but clearly she loved being all cozy and hidden away from humans screaming her name. Sigh.

kitty laying dash

  • Reason #3: She has a cool litter box room with total privacy. And the best part? It took me 10 minutes to make! More on this very simple and fun craft in an upcoming blog post. She simply slips between the two pieces of fabric and climbs into her litter box which is inside the cabinet under the sink. Nothing is under there except her box, extra litter stored next to the box (because it’s surprisingly large under there!) and a little broom/dustpan on the other side. The second I put it up, she decided to give it a test run. I think that was a big win for this cat momma.

So thankful to have something in the win category for tiny living, and so grateful that she is happy with our new home. Before I get to my negative post soon about the first hard, brutal month of RV Life, I wanted to remind myself that there IS someone in the family who thinks we are in paradise.

Are you attempting tiny living with a cat? Does your cat love some strange little hiding places? Let me know in the comments! ๐Ÿ˜ป

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