Christmas-time in an RV

About 6 months ago, my husband and I embarked on the journey of full-time RVing. I’m not entirely sure about him (I’ll have to ask him when I see him tonight), but I am really liking it. There are some small things I would change, which I will write a post about soon, but for the most part I have realized it is almost really all that I need. The park we have it parked in leaves a little to be desired, (the sketchy part of town, but don’t worry, I’m never alone and have a stun gun) but other than that I think I could do this lifestyle for a very long time.

But you may be thinking, as I was a month ago, “how do you make Christmas work in such a small space? Can you even fit a tree with presents?” I think our tree proves that where there is a will there is a way. You may decide that a “big” tree isn’t worth it because it makes your tiny home feel cramped, but if you are like me and don’t truly feel like it is the holidays without it, then I’m here to tell you that with enough determination you can probably make it work.

Here’s a few tips and tricks from a no-longer-rookie full-time tiny home on wheels resident that can make your home feel cozy enough to roast chestnuts by the fire. (Hey I said you would be cozy enough to do that, not that you will be able to- we don’t have a fireplace!)



Like I said, I have no fireplace. So I have to improvise on this one. It was really a last-minute quick decision if I’m going to be honest with you, but I think it worked out great! I made these stockings last year with my friends at a Christmas party, and I had so much fun adding the light-up necklace detail to Primrose’s kitty stocking.

I could have gone the command strip method and hung them anywhere, but I liked the idea of hanging them in an area where they wouldn’t be in the way of something we needed to access on a regular basis, and because our ceilings are so low I didn’t want it getting in the way of Chris’ tall head. So the area by the wheel above the drivers seat would be perfect since it’s just hanging right in front of the curtain in an area we never walk. And that particular cupboard was perfect because it is where we store our books, which we sadly don’t access much… lol. But we read online don’t worry!

Anywho, instead of needing some kind of hooks, I simply tucked them under the cupboard door which actually seals pretty tightly.

The trick to getting them to hang securely in there is to either use two people, or hold the far left one as you enter the middle one, and then hold both the left and middle stocking with your left hand stretched over both, then put up the right stocking with your right hand and close the door quick! It works, I promise.




I sadly can’t find some of my Christmas decor, so I don’t have as many lights or ornaments as I want. (Another RV life tip- make sure you are organized and even write down in an app or spreadsheet somewhere which storage compartments and storage units you have stored each type of box in! You won’t regret it. I know because I regret not doing it now!) however, I was able to purchase a few fairy String Lights that are battery operated and need no outlet. Score! You can put them anywhere in your tiny home without the worry of extension chords, plugs and outlets. Total freedom. I love these things!

You can find very short ones at the Dollar Store during certain times of the year, especially Thanksgiving to Christmas. They are only about three feet long, as shown in the above photo on top of our bedroom window.
Or you can find long and very thin wire ones (which are much harder to see and give a very magical feel) on Amazon here!

Look how they look in a tree! You almost can’t see the lights. And the ones I bought have 9 different settings where you can have them blink at speeds, alternate the blinking, etc so that your tree glows the exact way you want it to.

This next one I can’t take credit for, but I will either make it my mission to find the lights I have or by enough so that I can do the same. Instead of having to line the outside corners of the RV or the awning, you can outline the large front window with lights inside! This way you won’t have to worry about getting on a ladder outside before or after Christmas, and your lights will be protected from any weather and last much longer!
It lines your entire window and looks adorably festive. Lights along the awning would be cool too, but it would be ten times the hassle. Besides, it’s really the only side that people will see as they are walking by your rv. It would also be so nice to drive up to the front of the beautifully lit rv each night after work, like a little Christmas greeting from your house. Make the most of the most visible part of your tiny home!


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Simply find a small surface area where you can place your small nativity characters (seems odd to call Jesus a character, but you know what I mean!) together. What is even more fun is to place a little cloth on top of the surface for your characters so kneel and stand on. In my case, I used the dark green toilet seat cover that I can’t fit on my toilet anymore in the tiny home! (Yes I cleaned it really well, dont worry!) Now it looks like a soft bed of grass. 🙂

If you can’t find any empty surfaces, which is completely understandable in the tiny home world, then you may want to consider a narrow shelf like the white one I have, which has come in handy for quite a few things and doesn’t get in the way, despite our little 300-something square feet. Now we can have the real reason for the season front row center.

The Tree

Although I cannot find any of my tree decorations (darnit, finding things in storage is not easy!), I did my best with the tree. The thing that I am hands-down the most proud of, however, is the placement of my tree. I guess sometimes I am one of those people that says “well if everyone is telling me it can’t be done and I won’t be able to fit a full tree in my RV, then I will just have to show them they’re wrong.” And low-and-behold, I did it.

Granted, my tree is fake and only 4.5 feet tall. But I was able to fit it in our home in a spot that is out of the way yet highly visible! It was amazing! Because my RV is the type with a driver seat and passenger seat that we don’t really ever need to sit on, we are able to use them for a little bit of storage. Although the home looks bigger and less cluttered when these seats are open, it is worth it for one month of Christmas glory.

I put together the three pieces of the artificial tree, which fits very easy inside of the 7 foot ceilings of the Winnebago. I don’t even think I measured whether the tree would fit while on top of the chair, but I suppose I must have known instinctually because I placed it on top of the chair and bam! It was the perfect height with some wiggle room above the tree top. I think it goes without saying, but the chair  was turned as much as it possible toward the door. So that the tree would show as much as possible.

The only problem was that it wasnt very sturdy, which is a problem for my little furball Prim who likes to climb the tree and lay under it as much as possible. So I pushed it back on the chair so that the metal legs of the tree stand were wedged between the arm of the chair, the steering wheel and the chair.

Before putting light and a few decorations on the tree, I placed on of our christmassy purple tablecloths on the back of the chair so that it would be a little less noticeable and give the tree a nice backdrop.
Although there may not be much room for a Christmas extravaganza, a tiny home does not have to be short on Christmas decor. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can fit many of your Christmas favorites inside of your little space and still have the ability to make it feel spacious. Don’t forget, even a tree is possible to fit if you just believe. Of course, no on can compete with this:

Source: Calam Resorts Blog


Let me know in the comments if you have a small space and have tried to cram in any full-size Christmas decor!
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