DIY Easter Snacks Everyone Will Hop For

Yes, I know I love puns too much, so sue me. These Easter treats are the perfect addition to your Easter holiday, or even any day this week, for that matter. If you bring one of these treats to work on Friday, (believe me, I’m seriously considering it) I guarantee you will be the most popular person in the office and be responsible for bringing the best kind of joy to this already joyful holiday.

  1. Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cup


These “dirt” pudding cups are so much cuter than your typical dirt cups with the gummy worms sticking out. Instead, make it look like the cups have perfect carrots to pluck out of the ground to satisfy the Easter bunny! Simply buy clear plastic cups (you can buy 40 of them for just $13 on Amazon here), chocolate pudding (or buy it in the box for only a dollar), crushed Oreos (or the knockoff brand which is at the Dollar Store as well), strawberries, and orange frosting. Check out the tutorial for how to pull it off!


2. Easter Deviled Eggs

Source: FoodJimoto

This one is so adorable and so ridiculously easy. Just don’t reverse the concept like I did by dying the color of the egg yoke, it’s not that cute to have green filling to your egg whites. Trust me.

All you need to do is use the normal recipe for deviled eggs for the filling (egg yolks, mayo, and mustard) and then dye the egg white halves in different colors as you would with whole eggs. Squeeze out the filling using a ziploc with the tip cut off and fill the egg white in the shape of a flower. Top it all off with paprika and voila!


3. Peep Fruit Kabobs

Source: One Little Project

I’m not sure this one actually needs a tutorial, but you can find a pretty great one on this blog. My point is, this is the easiest and most creative idea I’ve seen in awhile! It has a little bit of the unhealthy, sugary vibe of a kid’s Easter basket, mixed with the healthy and beautiful rainbow of the all of the best fruits, all on a stick. What’s better than that?


4. Bunny Paw Thumbprint Cookies

Source: The Bearfoot Baker

These cookies are SO cute, and they also look pretty darn easy, as long as you follow the recipe for the cookies (It makes sure that the shape turns out perfect.) However, I will say that the recipe calls for icing made from scratch, and I’m not so sure that is necessary. I believe that you should be able to buy some pink strawberry frosting in a can for $1.50 from Walmart, microwave some of it (don’t microwave the can with the foil lid!) so that it is almost a creamy liquid, and spoon/squeeze from a ziploc the icing carefully into the paw “holes” for the same effect. You’ll save time AND money, and they will still be adorable and delicious. Go for it and tell me how they turn out in the comments!


5. Rice Krispie Nests

Source: Crafty Morning

This may look intricate, but it literally couldn’t be easier. Have you ever made a Rice Krispie treat? They are completely delicious and are so darn simple. Simply mix the ingredients of a Rice Krispie treat, put a ball into each cup of a muffin tin, and then squish the ball down with a spoon into a bowl shape, like a nest. When shaped, sprinkle edible grass over the top and then place a few Cadbury Mini Eggs in the center. (You can buy them at that link, or I believe they have smaller quantities at the Dollar Store or Walmart if you just want a few.) If this isn’t Spring time in a treat, I don’t know what is.


6. Spring Rice Krispie Treats

Okay, so this one is pretty darn similar to the last one, but it is a bit easier because you don’t need to worry about the shape of the treat. All of it is simply one mixed up rectangle, and then you cut it into small pieces after done. Way easier as far as presentation, but honestly the concept of Rice Krispie treats are very easy no matter what. After it is cooled and done, press pastel M&M’s into the top of the treat, and then cut. (Again, you can get a good price for a large quantity at that link or buy a smaller quantity at Walmart.) So cute and light!


7. Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Source: Yellow Bliss Road

Okay, I know I’m going a bit overboard on the Rice Krispie Treats now. But there is yet ANOTHER way to make them extra Easter special! Simply choose a few different colors of Peeps, and use each color of Peep (instead of marshmallows of course) to make separate bowls of Rice Krispie Treat. Then, press the bottom color of the mixture into the baking tray, then the next color, and so on. So easy! And this blog has an adorable way of presenting them in “Pop” form on a stick.


8. Cadbury Mini Egg Cake


Sadly, this one does not have a recipe that I can find. But fortunately, I don’t think you need one for how simple this one is. The only downside is that you will need lots of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Simply bake a cake, any kind you like (perhaps even cheesecake!), and then stick the mini eggs all the way around the cake. You can get creative with the color pattern as you see in the picture, keep each row just one color, or just mix it all up randomly. I’m confident that either way, it will look beautiful.


9. Easter Candy Popcorn

Source: Two Sister Crafting

Warning:  This one looks unbelievably sweet. But so much fun! If you have any kiddos or sweet-tooths (or sweet-teeth? Grammar police, help.) this one will be a big hit. And it’s so easy! Essentially, you make or buy popcorn (and a little salt on that popcorn is actually recommended by this blogger, because it goes so well with the sweetness), melt mini marshmallows and drizzle it over the popcorn, and then mix in pastel M&M’s and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Optional: mix in un-melted marshmallows too, which is pretty for a topping but I think it may be just a little too much sweetness for my taste. But either way, it’s sure to be the perfect sweet Easter treat!


10. Chick Donuts

Source: The Simple Sweet Life

These last ones may not be the easiest on the list, but I truly couldn’t resist including them. I think they are the cutest thing I have seen all day, and that’s coming from someone scouring Pinterest for Easter snacks. You don’t have to be a pro baker to create these, and you don’t even have to bake the donuts from scratch if you don’t want to. Simply buy some plain donuts from the bakery (I promise, the Walmart bakery isn’t half-bad), cut almonds in half length-wise and then place each almond half on opposite sides of the donut. These will act as a little “bump” in the surface of the chick to look like wings. Melt yellow frosting (or vanilla frosting with some yellow food dye) for 30 seconds and pour it over your donuts on top of wax paper (this will give the frosting the perfect smooth surface.) Then, you will just need black icing and orange icing, and draw these simple shapes on the donut to look like a little baby chick. (if you aren’t confident in your squinting eyes, just draw dots like the chick’s eyes are wide open.)

Although 9 out of 10 of these recipes are super duper sweet, all of them are sure to bring a smile to the face of your family and friends when they get to bite into some pure Easter joy. I gotta tell you, I am loving the pastels and many colors of this holiday and appreciating the aesthetics of Easter more and more. Not only does the meaning behind the holiday mean a lot to me, but now I am starting to realize that the cutesy decorations of the holiday are definitely underrated. I will be trying something on this list or similar this weekend, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out and brightens our day.

Your turn: have you ever tried any recipes like this? Has one caught your eye for this weekend as well? Will you be making it before the week is over to give to your co-workers or friends at work/school? Let me know, maybe we can try it together!