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As you may know by now, my name is Kayla, as in MissKAY. I am a life-long DIYer, before the term DIY was actually coined. Although I wouldn’t call myself an expert (there is so much that I could do and learn), I am certainly a DIY crafts aficionado. I am amazed at the infinite number of new ways to create things. Every time I look at Pinterest, recipe videos, youtube, etc., I cannot believe that humankind has yet to come up with new brilliant ideas. There are infinite ways to make it beautiful and affordable creations, and I plan on sharing with you all of the ways I have found these great ideas and how to make them work in real life!

But I suppose I’m getting off topic, if the topic is “About Me.” Let’s see… I am a natural blonde, in my mid-twenties, married to my best friend, momma to my furbaby kitty Primrose  (which you will definitely be seeing pics of), California girl moving into a tiny home on wheels (otherwise known as an RV.) I will do my best to share all of the ways that crafts have and will improve each area of my life so that hopefully it can help yours too.

IMG_0363One thing that you will be hearing a lot about is my wedding day, about 4 years ago. It was on the beach of Oceanside in San Diego, and I planned and created the majority of the event and decorations. I had a lot of unexpected help from my wonderful family, but other than that we tried to pay for most of it ourselves with what little we had. We still managed to make things look wonderful, and I learned a lot of wisdom along the way. I plan to share it, so read on!



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