moneyHere I will share some of the wisdom that I have gained in my short time of adulting (hey I’m young so I can’t possibly know ALL of the answers, right?) about budgeting and bargain hunting. You may not be rolling in dough at this moment as far as your income goes, but if you use smart tricks to create the dream in your head using cheap materials and you keep track of your money and plan ahead, you DON’T have to live and host parties serving top-ramen. I promise.

Many of the tips and tricks that I provide regarding budgeting is actually from the delightfully snarky Dave Ramsey and several of his books including “The Complete Guide to Money.” My husband and I have been practicing his zero-balance budget for a couple of years now and though we are not out of debt quite yet (still inching along bit by bit!) we are proud to be able to say that WE tell our money where to go, instead of us asking where it all went. If you want to be able to say that and organize your monthly spending better, you’ll find it here.



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