The Benefits of Beach Weddings

When I share with new friends and co-workers that my wedding was on the beach and I explain why I chose that venue, they are often very surprised at how affordable it was. I would say that choosing to have my wedding on the beach was one of the best decisions we made about our […]

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RV Life With a Cat

So, if you read my recent blog post about Why We Decided to go Tiny, then you know that my husband Chris and I just moved into an RV to live full time. You know, a tiny home on wheels. I’m not going to lie to you, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows so […]

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 Award Night Party Theme

In my current job at a University, I lead the Ambassador volunteer program. Our volunteers primarily lead tours around the campus, but they do tons of other things for us to make visitor’s experiences great. So they DEFINITELY deserve a big Thank You party at the end of each semester. And I always have a […]

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Selling Vs. Donating My Hair

If you are here (so glad you are!) and you haven’t yet read Part I: How I Sold My Hair for $650, then I recommend checking it out so that you can have some more context. But if you don’t have time for that and want to cut to the chase, I’ll fill you in […]

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