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Home decor can be downright expensive. In my humble opinion, it is kind of sad that we look at a piece of art at a store, let’s say somewhere like Target (hey now, don’t be mad at me– I love Targe’. Just give me a chance.), and say things like “It’s on sale, only $35! I better snag this before someone else does.”


You should be able to cover your home in beautiful artwork and decor that is EXACTLY the way you pictured it, for free or extremely cheap. That’s the way I feel about my home (and at this point I’m about to move into a new tiny home on wheels, otherwise known as an RV. More on tiny living decor to come!) and that’s the dream that I have for your home too. The more that we buy from these department stores, or even Amazon, the less unique our homes become. I’m not saying we can/should make EVERYTHING in our homes with our own two hands. I certainly don’t hand-weave all of my pillow cases and I don’t make furniture on my own (unless it’s pretty easy), but the pieces that catch your eye and win the hearts of your guests, you CAN make with your own two hands and your heart.

We can make our own crafts for our walls, furniture and storage, thing that the whole family will love, and our wallets will definitely love us too.

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