Tiny Living

Our New RV Home

Only recently, my husband and I (and my cat Primrose of course) decided to embark on the journey of living tiny. Although it may be the goal to one day be able to buy outright an adorable custom-made home under 400 sq ft, for now we are “testing out” tiny living on wheels in an RV.

For the next year (although shorter or longer isn’t the end of the world because we pay for our RV space month-to-month) we will be living in this 300 sq ft 2001 Suncruiser Itasca. If all goes according to plan and we enjoy the lifestyle and the savings, then we will sell the old RV and use the money to purchase our own RV or 5th wheel (hopefully with more than one slideout and high ceilings like the one my parents own. It makes all the difference!) For more details on our research so far regarding RV buying and our tiny living plans, check out my blog post Why We Decided to Go Tiny.

Now that we just have the furniture the RV came with and very little table/counter surfaces, we have to come up with some creative solutions for storage and organization. Here you’ll find ways to make tiny living function well in any size and situation, and of course how to make your tiny home personalized and comfy with your own custom-made decor.

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