DIY Gifts

hug life socks

Here I’ll show you how your gifts to the ones you love don’t HAVE to break the bank. I think there are three kinds of people, when it comes to strategy for gift giving. Let’s take an example, like you need to buy your significant other an anniversary present.

Gift-giver type #1: Goes to a nice store or online to buy something very expensive that they HOPE the receiver will like, all the while justifying to themselves, even if they can’t afford it, that it is all in the name of love.

Gift-giver type #2: Goes straight to Amazon and eBay to find the cheapest options for something they really want.

(This option certainly has merit at times, but is only a go-to for me if I have ample time before the “due date” of when I need to give the gift. Sure I can find a beautiful phone case for my honey online for $3, but when I realize I need to give him a gift one week from now? This option flies out the window…)

Gift-giver type #3: Goes straight to Pinterest to look for something that will be practical, functional, fun or pretty (or all of the above!) that they can make with their own two hands!

(Pictured: Chocolate-covered bacon bouquet.)

bacon bouquet

Even if you could never dream of becoming type #3, I can show you how easy it can become. Trust me, it’s doable with a little ingenuity and hard-work, and the receiver will be touched that you put in so much effort.


So what are we waiting for? Let’s get crafting for others!